Meeting Your Writing Needs

Whether you are a school district, a writer's group, or a writer, poet, or student seeking one-to-one services, let me help you meet your writing needs. I have been teaching writing, poetry, and creative writing for over 36 years, and in the process, I have learned three things:
  1. I love teaching
  2. I love to write
  3. I love teaching others to write

Please contact me for a complimentary consultation to determine the services that are Write For You!

-Nancy Gorrell, founder and president

Write for You LLC offers innovative and creative workshops, materials, programs, tutoring, mentoring, and critiquing to school districts, groups, students, and individual writers and poets. Nancy Gorrell, 1992 New Jersey State Teacher of the Year, has over three decades of experience in public and private education. In addition to her published poetry and professional articles, Nancy Gorrell is the author of two forthcoming books in the educational field: Writing Poetry through the Eyes of Science: Scientific Literacy and Poetic Response and Becoming a Teacher Who Writes: Let Teaching be Your Muse.

For School Districts:Professional Development, Parent Workshops, Literacy-Based Initiatives, Diversity Programming, Writing Workshops for Faculty, Students and Parents

For Writers: Group Workshops, Seminars, Coaching

For Students:Tutoring, Mentoring, Tutorials

Watch Nancy Gorrell as she discusses Holocaust survivor Peter Fischl's poem "To the Little Polish Boy" based on the world-famous photograph of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Ecphrastic (photo-inspired) poetry is one example of a workshop topic that is available to school districts, writers, and students.

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